Elder Scrolls Online and FlatOut 2

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Elder Scrolls Online and FlatOut 2I have just about all my programs I normally use installed. Almost half of them have native Linux support. Others, are close clones of what I used to use on Windows. See here.

Today since I had to go to work, I only played a bit. But I got my FlatOut2 to run perfectly via Heroic Games Installer! I also got my beloved Elder Scrolls Online via Lutris! So far it looks amazon, using some simple in-game tweaks. I didn’t have time to do everything. Hope it stays amazing. (fingers crossed it works)

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New Machine

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My Gaming Rig

Built my new machine! I’ve built computers all my life. So that part was easy. I’ve also dabbled with Linux on my own machines before. I’ve used Linux extensively at my last tech job. So I’m comfortable with bash and vi and various commands. But never dove into making it my only operating system. I’ve grown sick of the lack of privacy and I believe we’ve let it go too far. With Windows 11 damn near forcing us to use online logins just to use our computers, I finally drew the line!

After playing with Kubuntu (hate Gnome), PoPOS! (hate Gnome, yet tried it) and Linux Mint, I settled on Linux Mint. Tinkered with OpenRGB and got most of my software installed. Now it’s time to spend weeks tweaking things and installing games.

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