How I Game on Linux

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This gentleman right here is how I made the full jump from Windows 10 (skipping that God Aweful Windows 11) to Linux Mint.  The Linux Experiment is his channel on YouTube and the video below is how I finally put Windows and Microsoft far behind me.

Thanks Nick!

And huge thanks to the developers of Linux Mint and all the open source software that makes My Linux Life possible!

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I Game on Linux!

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My first wallpaper!  Showing that the world can game on Linux!  Maybe not fresh AAA titles yet, or not many yet.  But you can play fairly new games and enjoy the old favorites.  I play GTA V, Elder Scrolls Online, Unreal Tournament and UK2K4 so far and all work amazing!

Download this 4K wallpaper!

I Game on Linux 4K

I Game on Linux 4K

Made with GIMP and Pinta!

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Switch to Linux!

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Having switched to Linux successfully, I can finally take my Evil Genius-ness to a whole new level and aspire to be the next Steve 😉

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OpenRGB and GTA V

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OpenRGB & Grand Theft Auto VI didn’t go into this project with RGB at the top of my list.  At least not other than I’d like to have it.  I didn’t do a bunch of research or go all out like I should have.  I kind of cheaped out getting RGB fans instead of aRGB fans by spending a whole $30 more for the 5 pack of Antec aRGB Fans.  So, now I’ll get to spend $70 to replace the $40 pack I got.

Sadly OpenRGB must hate my gear.  It kills my Logitech G213 keyboard even though it says it’s supported fully.  So if I open the program it just makes the keyboard go dark.  I can do my Logitech G203 Mouse all day long.  The only device that doesn’t flip out.  My XPG ram however just stutters until I close the program.  My fans only respond when they feel like it.  Is there any other alternatives to OpenRGB?  Or do I just need to wait for support?  Comment below please.

As for GTA V, I stopped playing it months ago with a vow that I would never bother with Rockstar games again.  As they are greedy twats that don’t do anything to stop modders.  For the past year plus of my time playing; I would only play in a solo instance of GTA Online.

But curiosity got the best of me, plus I got the Steam bundle with GTA V and the Criminal Enterprise Pack for only $15.  So why not give it a go right?  Plays great so far.  I do get a bit of stutter when I’m in the Casino or the Penthouse.  Not sure what that’s all about.  Though not game breaking by any means.  I do need to try out a busy server.  Though I’m sure modders will just get me to bounce in minutes leaving me seeking serenity.

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I’m the Symbolic Link Master!

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Symbolic LinkI wish.  But I have spent the last few hours using the hell out of it.  Even with my Dropbox folder having parentheses in it.  The research I found had me use the following:

ln -s -- /path/to/folder/origin /path/to/folder/link

I even figured out how to deal with my iPhone files when I’m not using Dropbox Camera Uploads.  I can simply use libimobiledevice.

Plus still playing Elder Scrolls Online just fine 😀

I’m making excellent strides to making Linux my new daily driver as it were.

It almost feels like I never left Windows.  Almost.

Finding an replacement for IrfanView turned out to be impossible.  But managed to just unzip the files, create a link using WINE and poof!!  Instant gratification!  Though would love to see a Linux Port of it.

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