Sucked Back In!

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WoW IconJust when I thought I was out.  THEY PULL ME BACK IN!

I swore 3 years ago, I would never ever go back to World of Warcraft.  I was so annoyed.  Bored.  Did nothing but grind for achievements, mounts and toys.  Yet, here I am…  Playing again.  Especially since it plays like smooth butter on my Linux box.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Elder Scrolls Online way more than I love World of Warcraft.  But yet I found myself missing the cartoon, light-hearted atmosphere.

What WoW has that I love:

  • Flying Mounts
  • Collecting Toys/Pets
  • Cool Achievements
  • Being able to solo older content

But that’s about it.

What I love about ESO:

  • Better Graphics
  • Voiced Quests
  • The Story
  • Player Housing
  • More Medieval, less Fantasy (still lots of inexpiable fantasy nonsense, but not nearly as much as WoW)

Long live my crew!


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Gaming Nostalgia

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Gaming NostalgiaHappens to me all the time. I get nostalgic for things in my life. Sometimes the 80’s, sometimes past relationships or old friends. This time, video games. Since I’ve become a streamer, now I can share my nostalgia with everyone! So here’s what’s coming down the line!

I’ve installed some old favorites on Linux and will be playing them with you!

  • FlatOut2 with racing and mayhem 👿
  • Old School Unreal Tournament 🔫
  • Thief Deadly Shadows 😶
  • World of Warcraft 👹

With Unreal Tournament and World of Warcraft I’ll be inviting you to come join me!  Stay tuned to my Twitch Channel for more info!

Twitch Streaming

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The Evolution of My Technical Knowledge

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My Technical KnowledgeStage One: Bewilderment
Customers used to be amazed in my expertise.  Even in High School, computers and technical knowledge just came natural to me.  I felt comfortable near them.  What few friends I had were stunned at my quick learning.  In the job field, when a customer saw how I fixed their problems, they were just in awe.  I felt good about myself.

Stage Two: Appreciation
As I moved into the Fortune 500 companies, I would take call after call.  To each end, I would hear praise of my ability to fix their problems without even seeing the machines they were dealing with.  To them, it was almost divine.  They were so thankful and would sometimes offer me gifts in appreciation.

Stage Three: We are a necessary nuisance
As time passed and everything got outsourced to other countries for cheaper labor.  Customers felt wore down by having to constantly call back.  When they did get an American support person (me), they were no longer happy about it.  To them it didn’t matter how much we helped them. Whatever problem they had, it was somehow our fault they had to call. Even if we had nothing to do with their problems. We’re still at fault and they began to treat us like shit.

Stage Four: Alien Language
Due to stress of the previous years and the near death of having suffered heart attacks from that stress and sadly some previous unhealthy living practices.  I have removed myself from doing tech support to focus on my weight loss and heart health.  I still heavily practice technical knowledge and education, but I rarely show it off to those in need.  When I do… For example: the other day a customer tried to use a credit card and the reader locked up.  I explained that the device was suffering from a memory leak in the poorly written Java programming that runs the device and that I needed to reboot the device so they could have a successful transaction.  The man looked at me in fear.  Like my knowledge was somehow impossible to have as an average human.  He looked as if he was about to run for his life by his facial expression. Or perhaps he wanted to throw his feces at me like a primate would.

Has the world population really fallen that far?  That there are people so dense in the brain that they can’t handle those of us with knowledge?  Then again, I refer to nearly every news outlet and those who believe it all.

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Twitch Streaming

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Twitch StreamingComing soon to a device near you or in your hand! Me! 😅

Yeah like I need yet another project right? I have so many I’m behind on. But… The person in my life triple-dog-dared me to do it. Right now with all the hours I’m working, I have the means to get the gear.

So, got a second monitor, a mic and a camera.  With my own ability to do some graphic work, presto!  I’m going live on Twitch in June.  Stay tuned for date!  Still working out my shtick.  Most likely I’ll just be me (maybe not so boisterous) and hope for the best.

Speaking of gear, I am buying 2 new guitars. One of which I received on Monday.  While I love my ESP and my Schecter, it’s time to say goodbye to them.  They were low cost instruments and the quality was base at best.  I could’ve invested in upgrading them and getting the flaws fixed.  Such as the horrible sharp frets and fingerboards.  Or… I could just pick a winning team and move to PRS (Paul Reed Smith) guitars 😁

This is my first (well second, but that was just an ugly guitar) and it’s gorgeous!  Sounds amazing!  I will definitely not have an issue picking it up to practice!  (one of my weak points in learning guitar)

PRS Custom 24 SE

Actual photo of my guitar, not just a factory image this time!

Now that I am not such an overweight, self-conscious person as I was a few years ago, I hope to start doing drum (and possibly guitar) covers again!

Stay tuned for updates and new shirts!  (hopefully my work schedule will slow down to a normal 40-ish hours a week again soon)

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