Final Goal Reached!

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Bathroom Scale 175I did it!  Simply using pure will-power, I achieved yet another goal in my life!  I’m so excited to finally be done losing weight!  I am a proper 175 pounds!  That’s a loss of 185 pounds from when I started June 15, 2020.  When everyone else was on lock-down and I was essential 🙄

However, this is where many people who lose weight go wrong.  They think once they achieve their goals, it’s time to go back to the way life was before they started their journey to lose the weight in the first place.  Then they blame the diet as a failure.  When it’s not the diets failure, it’s their own failure to keep up good habits.  Now that I am at my final goal weight.  It’s a matter of doing the minor adjustments in my dietary intake that will keep me between 175 and 180.  Still living a low-carb life.

In all honesty, we eat too many carbs to begin with.  The world is loaded with them.  It’s cheap to make and has a high profit margin.  So it’s easy to consume on a low budget.  That’s just bad thinking.  Be smart.  There are plenty of ways to enjoy things like pancakes, bread and baked goods without overdosing on carbs.  You can use alternative flours, lower or use alternative sweeteners.  Or you could actually do what you should by using those items like a special treat.  Don’t eat junk food every damn day.  It’s not good to do.  Instead eat junk food once or twice a week.  It gives you something to really enjoy and look forward to.

I’ve grown to really enjoy my new eating lifestyle.  I don’t miss sweet drinks anymore.  I get my vitamin D from the sunshine every day.  I take a vitamin supplement once a day.  I only drink spring water and coffee.  I use almond milk creamer and that’s the only liquids I drink.  Everything you see on the store shelf has been manipulated for flavor and high sales.  Yum it tastes good!  Though it will wreck your health.  Truly go organic if you can.

Since I started this journey, two side effects have been apparent to me.  One, I don’t hardly ever get sick anymore.  Even when I do feel yucky, it lasts only hours instead of days.  I have more energy than I’ve had in nearly 3 decades.  I’m 54 and run circles around many of my younger co-workers.  I sleep much better too.  I’m still keto.  Is keto really a diet?  Or is it the way people should be eating?  I think it’s the latter.  And that our society has just become addicted to junk food.

My Keto Journey

My Keto Journey

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One Year on Linux

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1 Year!Best year of my technological life.  I have learned more in one year than I have in the past 36 years of using, building and fixing computers of all shapes and sizes!  I have brought back the joy of using a computer rather than spending my time troubleshooting every issue over and over again just to keep the machines in my life running like clockwork!

If you are an uber-geek, but not using Linux; you’ll not know that joy until you make the change.  The machines never seems to slow down, or give weird errors.  Everything works like it should.  On the rare occasion you run into an error, you can fix it!  You can find an answer from a huge community of users.  Friendly cognitive people.  I have never once had to reinstall the operating system, or erase gobs of files to make something work again.

Now I’m working on building my own in-home server cluster.  Using mini-pc’s!  I have my own cloud server syncing and backing up all my computers, tablet and my phone!

I game every chance I get and they play just like they were made for Linux!  I’m never going back to Microsoft and their craziness.  No more renting software yearly just so I can use it.  No more data harvesting from my OS or having ads and features pushed on me that I never wanted.  I get exactly what I want from Linux.  I highly encourage you to do the same!

Not to mention the savings!  I can run things for free or donate as I like to the communities that create the things I use.  And I do!  When I can, I back the hard working people who make all this possible.  Yes, big tech contribute to Linux code too, but they already have enough money from everyone else in the world.  At least I have the comfort of knowing they can’t slip crazy stuff into the code due to the diligent community that is Open Source.

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No Longer Tech Support

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No Longer Tech SupportI no longer give support for Windows or Mac. I no longer keep up with the latest operating systems or software from Apple or Microsoft. I have no interest in fixing problems with either. My soul focus going forward is learning Linux. If you want me to build you a computer, it will be a Linux computer.  If you want my help with your computer, you had better be running Linux.  I will no longer waste my time and energy on big tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook.

I am absolutely over what Microsoft has become.  The antitrust and forceful practices they push by forcing Edge down the users throats.  Forcing online accounts for enhanced tracking of user data.  Forcing ads inside the operating system.  Turning software into subscription based money making scheme.  They have become another big tech company no longer interested in broadening the world through technology.  They only want money.  Sell your data, using ads for even more income and tracking your every move.  May as well just sell it all to China while they are at it.  I’m done.

I do own an iPhone, an iPad and a Mac Mini.  This is only because I refuse to use anything Google.  I tried GraphineOS on a Google Pixel 6a.  But the limits are so extreme and my current demands from my phone are unable to be satisfied by GraphineOS at this time.  Plus seeing a Google logo in my hand just reminds me of the company and how much I hate them.  I value my privacy with a high level of commitment.  What I share, is by my choice and my choice alone.  Someday I may go dark and completely offline.  That would unfortunately mean in order to enjoy my games would be on a closed network with private servers I make myself.  I’m seriously considering it.

Linux allows me to do everything I ever did in Windows that I’ve done for years.  It’s a very, very long list.  Now that I can game all my favorite games too, there is no reason to pay monthly for software rental.  I don’t have to worry about my free software being hacked on the server I download it from.

Freedom, Security, Privacy, Stability and Gaming!  That’s Linux!

.. and I’ll help you switch to Linux if you like 🐧

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Twitch Stream Paused

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Stream PausedJust when I convinced myself to give this a serious go, real life decided I needed to wait.

According to this article from 2022, the average Twitch Streamer makes roughly $2500 per month.  I’m far from that as a beginner and my job makes more than that currently.  Especially now that summer is here.  Add in the fact that I’m part of the core team that faithfully works and gets all the hours.  I’m about to exceed that even more until around September 1st.

That being said, time off is precious.  Streaming is a job like any other, and being tired and non-energetic will only hurt my ability to grow my channel.  So it’s best I start over in the fall.

I thank you for your understanding and will see you all again soon.  Though I may pop up and do random shows when I feel spunky 😁

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Is This for Me?

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GamerI’ve been told many times in my lifetime, that I should be a stand-up comedian. Because I am quick with a joke and good a bouncing off others. I’m proud that so many think I’m funny. But am I funny enough? Am I entertaining enough to run my own Twitch stream?

See, I said I bounce off others. In person. Or on the phone. I love making people laugh. But on a stream, it’s just text. Or emote icons.  It can be misunderstood so much easier than hearing an emotion or seeing a facial expression.

I don’t know.  I want to know what you think.

I’ve been streaming for a couple of weeks and I can’t help feeling like I don’t entertain like I know I can.

Plus, I don’t play games the way others generally do. As an example, on The Elder Scrolls Online; everyone is running to do Necrom content. End game stuff. I’m more focused on getting my characters skilled up to do long quest lines in random zones. Digging up artifacts. Decorating my houses. Getting achievements.

Same goes with World of Warcraft. I’m not worried about end game content. I’m hunting mounts and achievements and transmogrification items.  Essentially transmogging is just making costumes for my toons/characters.

Or playing old favorite games.

In addition, I want to share my love of Linux and everything it offers. Teach others that it can do everything Windows can do and be so much more private, safer and it runs like a well tuned war machine.

Is that something people want to watch?  You tell me.  No, seriously, tell me.  Please.

If you haven’t seen me stream, please watch a couple of my more recent streams (where people are actually watching me).

I seriously want to know what you think.  As a side note, I don’t know if I could make Twitch a job.  I would if I could but it’s not my focus.  My focus is to share my love of games while showing that as a Linux user, it’s possible to enjoy games just as much as you would a Windows machine.  That’s my goal.  To entertain and moderately educate.  But I need an outside opinion as to whether or not you think I could pull it off.

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