I found this PHP Mail Script some 15-20 years ago. I’ve used it on occasion during website designs. Since then the code has depreciated and stopped working. I revived it for PHP 7.0 and above and added some CSS effects as well as made it responsive to mobile web designs. It’s free to download and use.





  1. Unzip folder (WinZip, 7-Zip or Equivalent)
  2. Edit the config.php.  All variables can be edited to your personal tastes, but the base email address is the only required change.
  3. Upload mailer.php and config.php to your directory.
  4. Create a template (e.g. Contact) page (the page that the form will appear on)
  5. Put the following line of code into your template page (page must have a .php extension and be in the same directory as the script and config file)

<?php include "mailer.php"; ?>

  1. Add the extra CSS info (provided in readme.txt file) to your styles.css (or appropriately named)
  2. Copy images to your root/images folder.

If you have questions or want to see this form in action, you can contact me.  While it isn’t a WordPress plugin just yet, it does in fact work on WordPress sites using PHPInclude Plugin 😉

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