Theoden Lanister

Templar / Vampire

Theoden Lanister

Theoden Lanister

Theoden, born a noble of blood.  A most ruthless High Elf with a serious taste of blood.  He cares not for benefit, fame or fortune.  Though he holds his own on all accounts.  Rarely will he have a full conversation with anyone.  Even more rare is his ability to walk away without killing everyone in the room.

He can be bought for a price to fight in a battle as his thirst for blood never rests.  However, don’t expect your army to come back with the numbers you accompany him with.  You know… Casualties and all.

He might say I’m sorry about that.

Chances are if you see him smile, it will be the last thing you see.

I know in most battles it’s preferable to kill the healer first to prevent the opposition from getting their aid.  However, I find it so satisfying to watch the failure build in the healers eyes as I wipe out their companions one by one until the healer is looking into my eyes as I strike them down.

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