Theodas Bloodthorn

Necromancer / Werewolf / Healer

Theodas BloodthornTheodas, born of noble blood; is a grand adventurer.  He’s fought mighty dragons and helped rebuild the Dragonguard with Sai Sahan.

He’s very mild mannered for a Necromancer and sometimes overly polite.  While he has been turned to a Vampire by his sister Theona, he tried to use the powers given unto him to enhance his abilities.  Fearing he was doing more harm than good, he found a Priest of Arkay and was freed from his curse as his blood-lust was too strong.

Theodas prefers to only kill the non-innocent.  Such as there is a contract from the Dark Brotherhood or if a job of the Thieves Guild goes south.  OK so he’s not all that saintly.  He’s an adventurer.

However, the lack of power began to weigh thin on him.  He turned to his adopted sister Thana.  She then revealed her life as a Werewolf and how she uses the power to her advantage without the need to kill everyone in sight.  She “blessed” Theodas.

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