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After Keto GoalsNow that I’ve my final weight goal.  Having lost every pound I was after to lose.  Now what?  That’s a question many people have.  So many get to this part and then just quit.  Going back into old habits and before they know it…  They are overweight again.  This is why so many people call their diets a failure.

I read it time and again.  “Keto doesn’t work”.  Or insert new word for whatever diet you’ve tried.  Let’s face it, your “diet” is what you eat, drink and consume.  Doesn’t matter if you’re losing weight or not.  That’s the basic definition.

I’m still on Keto, but now I allow more carbs to keep my balance at 175.  When I work more and eat less, I go under.  When I’m lazy and eat more, I go over.  The key is to simply adjust the amount you were doing to lose weight to now make it maintain your weight.

It’s a lifestyle.  It should’ve been all along.  I eat super healthy with proteins and veggies.  I rarely get sick anymore.  I feel amazing.  When you hit the goal, don’t stop.  Just make adjustments.

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