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My HouseI’m just an average person.  I work a nominal job at below average income.  According to Forbes the average income for a person in Michigan as of 2023 is $58,000.  I don’t make that much.  But I do live a decently comfortable life.  What I do have, is determination.  I really want it.  Whatever it is.

I see something I want to achieve in life.  I make a plan.  I make it happen.  Just look at my track record.  This time it took me over six years and a couple of setbacks.  But I finally achieved the last thing on my bucket list to fix my life.

I bought a house!

That’s why I’ve been so quiet lately.  I had all my stuff packed for over a month while I worked my ass off and had to wait and wait for people to get their parts done.  Realtor.  Mortgage Company.  Appraiser.  Inspector.  Ugh… 🙄

It wasn’t easy.  Certainly was stressful.  But I finally have my own place.  Mine alone.  Not in anyone else’s name.  No one but me 😊

Finally I can make it my own.  Decorate it my own way.  Have my own toys and live my life.  I’ve never had much luck with sharing my life with another person.  It’s time I go my own way and live life how I’ve always dreamed.

I’m unbelievably happy!  Yes, I’ve got work ahead of me to refurbish this place.  Finally build my music studio.  My home, my Castle!  Thinking of dubbing it Theoden Manor.  Part Theodas, part Denny.

What do you think?

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