Bored With WoW Already

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Bored With WoW AlreadyNot that long ago I installed World of Warcraft on my computer.  Just to show it runs like a dream on Linux as I streamed on Twitch.  After the show, I found myself falling into my old habits of hunting for achievements and mounts.  On chance I got the Solar Spirehawk flying mount from Rukhmar in Spires of Arak.

Anyone who knows me I love flying mounts.  I get to explore the world and find things I never saw while on the ground.

But that is all short lived.  The reason I left WoW 3 years ago have recently become apparent.  For many reasons.  Blizzard really loves to make it hard to love WoW.  I’ve spent years.  Literal years.  Grinding the same raids, dungeons and world bosses over and over trying to drop rare mounts.  Mainly flying mounts.  I have over 300 mounts.  Half of which fly.  I love to fly.

But Blizzard decided once they allowed flying to make it hard to get.  I was OK when they required max level and wanted a large sum of in-game gold for the privilege.  Then the pathfinder achievement requirement happened.  Now you must grind achievements just to pay for the privilege to fly.  I relented to that.  Now they release Dragonflight.  So…  Now you have to use special mounts and play like a mini-game to get around in this new expansion.  Making all the mounts I collected completely useless.  And some idiotic new race of dragon-human abomination.  Turns out Lizard People (Dracthyr) are something people want.  No thanks.  I’ll keep my Argonians.  So since I hate the new expansion, I’m back to grinding Ice Crown.  Again.  Bored out of my mind.

Now I remember why I walked away.  Old WoW is fun to visit.  But staying is out of the damned question.  Long live The Elder Scrolls Online!

p.s.  Fuck Pandas!

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