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Done StreamingI tried it, it was OK.  But since the summer slam at work, I just don’t have the desire to return to streaming games on Twitch.  Never was one to watch others play games.  I preferred to play them myself and learn as I go.

I’m always told I’m very funny and should do stand-up comedy.  Maybe they are right, but I know I do my best work when I am able to bounce off someone else or use a situation that has presented itself.  Which is why my coworkers and customers love me.  However by myself, I’m not super funny.  I don’t plan my material in general.  Instead, I’m quick on the draw.  So I won’t be returning to stream.

I certainly don’t have the genetics to just look good enough to have people throw money at me while I really don’t do anything of substance.  And let’s face it, I wouldn’t look good in skimpy outfits 😘

So no more streaming.  At least not by myself.  I have the equipment.  I have the know-how.  So I’ll be open to being a guest on someone else’s stream.  Or joining someone else and starting a stream that way.  I do like helping, spreading the word and playing games.  Especially if I can help others to give my world a try.  (Linux, ESO, WoW, etc…)

My profile will remain present on Twitch

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