Final Goal Reached!

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Bathroom Scale 175I did it!  Simply using pure will-power, I achieved yet another goal in my life!  I’m so excited to finally be done losing weight!  I am a proper 175 pounds!  That’s a loss of 185 pounds from when I started June 15, 2020.  When everyone else was on lock-down and I was essential 🙄

However, this is where many people who lose weight go wrong.  They think once they achieve their goals, it’s time to go back to the way life was before they started their journey to lose the weight in the first place.  Then they blame the diet as a failure.  When it’s not the diets failure, it’s their own failure to keep up good habits.  Now that I am at my final goal weight.  It’s a matter of doing the minor adjustments in my dietary intake that will keep me between 175 and 180.  Still living a low-carb life.

In all honesty, we eat too many carbs to begin with.  The world is loaded with them.  It’s cheap to make and has a high profit margin.  So it’s easy to consume on a low budget.  That’s just bad thinking.  Be smart.  There are plenty of ways to enjoy things like pancakes, bread and baked goods without overdosing on carbs.  You can use alternative flours, lower or use alternative sweeteners.  Or you could actually do what you should by using those items like a special treat.  Don’t eat junk food every damn day.  It’s not good to do.  Instead eat junk food once or twice a week.  It gives you something to really enjoy and look forward to.

I’ve grown to really enjoy my new eating lifestyle.  I don’t miss sweet drinks anymore.  I get my vitamin D from the sunshine every day.  I take a vitamin supplement once a day.  I only drink spring water and coffee.  I use almond milk creamer and that’s the only liquids I drink.  Everything you see on the store shelf has been manipulated for flavor and high sales.  Yum it tastes good!  Though it will wreck your health.  Truly go organic if you can.

Since I started this journey, two side effects have been apparent to me.  One, I don’t hardly ever get sick anymore.  Even when I do feel yucky, it lasts only hours instead of days.  I have more energy than I’ve had in nearly 3 decades.  I’m 54 and run circles around many of my younger co-workers.  I sleep much better too.  I’m still keto.  Is keto really a diet?  Or is it the way people should be eating?  I think it’s the latter.  And that our society has just become addicted to junk food.

My Keto Journey

My Keto Journey

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