One Year on Linux

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1 Year!Best year of my technological life.  I have learned more in one year than I have in the past 36 years of using, building and fixing computers of all shapes and sizes!  I have brought back the joy of using a computer rather than spending my time troubleshooting every issue over and over again just to keep the machines in my life running like clockwork!

If you are an uber-geek, but not using Linux; you’ll not know that joy until you make the change.  The machines never seems to slow down, or give weird errors.  Everything works like it should.  On the rare occasion you run into an error, you can fix it!  You can find an answer from a huge community of users.  Friendly cognitive people.  I have never once had to reinstall the operating system, or erase gobs of files to make something work again.

Now I’m working on building my own in-home server cluster.  Using mini-pc’s!  I have my own cloud server syncing and backing up all my computers, tablet and my phone!

I game every chance I get and they play just like they were made for Linux!  I’m never going back to Microsoft and their craziness.  No more renting software yearly just so I can use it.  No more data harvesting from my OS or having ads and features pushed on me that I never wanted.  I get exactly what I want from Linux.  I highly encourage you to do the same!

Not to mention the savings!  I can run things for free or donate as I like to the communities that create the things I use.  And I do!  When I can, I back the hard working people who make all this possible.  Yes, big tech contribute to Linux code too, but they already have enough money from everyone else in the world.  At least I have the comfort of knowing they can’t slip crazy stuff into the code due to the diligent community that is Open Source.

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