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No Longer Tech SupportI no longer give support for Windows or Mac. I no longer keep up with the latest operating systems or software from Apple or Microsoft. I have no interest in fixing problems with either. My soul focus going forward is learning Linux. If you want me to build you a computer, it will be a Linux computer.  If you want my help with your computer, you had better be running Linux.  I will no longer waste my time and energy on big tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook.

I am absolutely over what Microsoft has become.  The antitrust and forceful practices they push by forcing Edge down the users throats.  Forcing online accounts for enhanced tracking of user data.  Forcing ads inside the operating system.  Turning software into subscription based money making scheme.  They have become another big tech company no longer interested in broadening the world through technology.  They only want money.  Sell your data, using ads for even more income and tracking your every move.  May as well just sell it all to China while they are at it.  I’m done.

I do own an iPhone, an iPad and a Mac Mini.  This is only because I refuse to use anything Google.  I tried GraphineOS on a Google Pixel 6a.  But the limits are so extreme and my current demands from my phone are unable to be satisfied by GraphineOS at this time.  Plus seeing a Google logo in my hand just reminds me of the company and how much I hate them.  I value my privacy with a high level of commitment.  What I share, is by my choice and my choice alone.  Someday I may go dark and completely offline.  That would unfortunately mean in order to enjoy my games would be on a closed network with private servers I make myself.  I’m seriously considering it.

Linux allows me to do everything I ever did in Windows that I’ve done for years.  It’s a very, very long list.  Now that I can game all my favorite games too, there is no reason to pay monthly for software rental.  I don’t have to worry about my free software being hacked on the server I download it from.

Freedom, Security, Privacy, Stability and Gaming!  That’s Linux!

.. and I’ll help you switch to Linux if you like 🐧

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