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Stream PausedJust when I convinced myself to give this a serious go, real life decided I needed to wait.

According to this article from 2022, the average Twitch Streamer makes roughly $2500 per month.  I’m far from that as a beginner and my job makes more than that currently.  Especially now that summer is here.  Add in the fact that I’m part of the core team that faithfully works and gets all the hours.  I’m about to exceed that even more until around September 1st.

That being said, time off is precious.  Streaming is a job like any other, and being tired and non-energetic will only hurt my ability to grow my channel.  So it’s best I start over in the fall.

I thank you for your understanding and will see you all again soon.  Though I may pop up and do random shows when I feel spunky 😁

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