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GamerI’ve been told many times in my lifetime, that I should be a stand-up comedian. Because I am quick with a joke and good a bouncing off others. I’m proud that so many think I’m funny. But am I funny enough? Am I entertaining enough to run my own Twitch stream?

See, I said I bounce off others. In person. Or on the phone. I love making people laugh. But on a stream, it’s just text. Or emote icons.  It can be misunderstood so much easier than hearing an emotion or seeing a facial expression.

I don’t know.  I want to know what you think.

I’ve been streaming for a couple of weeks and I can’t help feeling like I don’t entertain like I know I can.

Plus, I don’t play games the way others generally do. As an example, on The Elder Scrolls Online; everyone is running to do Necrom content. End game stuff. I’m more focused on getting my characters skilled up to do long quest lines in random zones. Digging up artifacts. Decorating my houses. Getting achievements.

Same goes with World of Warcraft. I’m not worried about end game content. I’m hunting mounts and achievements and transmogrification items.  Essentially transmogging is just making costumes for my toons/characters.

Or playing old favorite games.

In addition, I want to share my love of Linux and everything it offers. Teach others that it can do everything Windows can do and be so much more private, safer and it runs like a well tuned war machine.

Is that something people want to watch?  You tell me.  No, seriously, tell me.  Please.

If you haven’t seen me stream, please watch a couple of my more recent streams (where people are actually watching me).

I seriously want to know what you think.  As a side note, I don’t know if I could make Twitch a job.  I would if I could but it’s not my focus.  My focus is to share my love of games while showing that as a Linux user, it’s possible to enjoy games just as much as you would a Windows machine.  That’s my goal.  To entertain and moderately educate.  But I need an outside opinion as to whether or not you think I could pull it off.

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