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Twitch StreamingComing soon to a device near you or in your hand! Me! 😅

Yeah like I need yet another project right? I have so many I’m behind on. But… The person in my life triple-dog-dared me to do it. Right now with all the hours I’m working, I have the means to get the gear.

So, got a second monitor, a mic and a camera.  With my own ability to do some graphic work, presto!  I’m going live on Twitch in June.  Stay tuned for date!  Still working out my shtick.  Most likely I’ll just be me (maybe not so boisterous) and hope for the best.

Speaking of gear, I am buying 2 new guitars. One of which I received on Monday.  While I love my ESP and my Schecter, it’s time to say goodbye to them.  They were low cost instruments and the quality was base at best.  I could’ve invested in upgrading them and getting the flaws fixed.  Such as the horrible sharp frets and fingerboards.  Or… I could just pick a winning team and move to PRS (Paul Reed Smith) guitars 😁

This is my first (well second, but that was just an ugly guitar) and it’s gorgeous!  Sounds amazing!  I will definitely not have an issue picking it up to practice!  (one of my weak points in learning guitar)

PRS Custom 24 SE

Actual photo of my guitar, not just a factory image this time!

Now that I am not such an overweight, self-conscious person as I was a few years ago, I hope to start doing drum (and possibly guitar) covers again!

Stay tuned for updates and new shirts!  (hopefully my work schedule will slow down to a normal 40-ish hours a week again soon)

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