Lack of Motivation

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Theodas WhateverI’ve been putting in some serious hours lately.  I rarely go under 55 hours, but have been working as much as 70 for the last several weeks.  We’ve either let people go who aren’t pulling their weight, or they leave because the job is too hard for them.  Which blows my mind as I’m 53 and handicapped.  I have zero issues doing the job.

Finding people to work is hard.  But I think I know why.  Seems streaming and content creators have exploded since the lock downs.  I see so many pretty faced women and men just chatting along while playing games or just sitting around the house.  So they get money to just look good or be moderately funny.  I should look into it.

But being spring time in Michigan and working so much I have zero desire to do anything else.  I have shirt designs I need to create for both and  I have musical instruments I should be practicing every day with.  I should be doing those and a bunch of other ideas I have floating around in my head.  But instead I play some Elder Scrolls Online and maybe read some posts on the social medias before passing out and starting all over.

Hence the lack of updates.  Plus, I thought I would have more to write about my switching to Linux for my computers.  But it’s been so flawless that there’s nothing new I’ve been learning.  Everything just works like it did before I left Windows.  I’m still extremely happy I made the switch!  You should too if you want to take your privacy back!

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