Just 15 Pounds to Go!

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Leather JacketIn the past 31 months I have lost 155-156 pounds.  My worst was 360, my lowest was 202.  I’m currently at 204 as of this writing.  My weight loss program is working like a champ and I am in the home stretch!  It’s still a long road ahead as I have lost the fat.  I’m now working at losing the excess skin.  I’ll always be technically overweight even at my goal of 190.  Experts say I should be 175-ish.  Doubt that will ever happen.

To give you an example.  When I lost 100 pounds, to celebrate I bought myself a leather jacket (the one pictured).  It was still 3x in size.  A few months later it was huge on me as I had lost 130 pounds.  So I bought a 2x jacket.  Today I received just an XL size jacket.  This is the size that will likely be the end for my upper body.  I went from a 6x shirt to an XL.  My waist went from 52 inches to a mere 34 as of last week.  I’m so proud of myself and I feel amazing!

My Keto Journey

My Keto Journey

The end is in site, but still seems very far away.  And I know I can see it, I just had cataract surgery and my far vision is excellent now!  So now I’m average size with no glasses!!😁

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