The End of 2022

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2023While I had hoped the world would’ve really moved in the direction of justice, humility and good intentions of our fellow man; that is not been the case.  But I’m not here to talk about world issues.  The world is what it is and I am doing my best to not lose myself and my values.  To stay strong.

But before 2022 ends, I have made a lot of changes to various aspects of my expanding Linux and Gaming world.

First up, I’ve moved all my apparel have now been moved to Spring.  With changed and new items.  Such as embroidered hats!  You can get hats for both I Game on Linux! and Dumbasaphobia 🎉  In the following weeks I’ll be expanding categories and products now that I have a great digital artist who has brought Chillin’ Louie to life!

I’m basically down to only 2 games I play now.  Elder Scrolls Online and my old favorite Unreal Tournament (1999 Game of the Year Edition).  Grand Theft Auto V (online) I quit for the 3rd time as I never actually played the game as intended.  I collected cars, planes and boats.  Never did a heist or anything involved.  As much as I like TheDarkMod, I just never seem to have the interest.  Yet I loved the Thief franchise.  Prior to the reboot in 2014.  I keep looking at Steam for new games, but I’m perfectly happy playing ESO.  So I never buy anything new or install anything else I already own.

Having updated to Linux Mint 21.1 Vera was easy and I’m enjoying it thoroughly.  Not a lot more to say on that.  My Linux Life is very much in harmony with almost no disappointments.  Save for I really miss  But I just need to learn GIMP.  That will take time.

In 2023 I think I’m going to move to Sonor drums and use the AQ1 stage set in a 4 piece configuration.  My current 7 piece TAMA is nice, but it’s a basic poplar kit.  The tone of birch sounds more where I want to be.

I hope 2023 is a great year not only for myself, but everyone who happens by my site!

Happy New Year!!

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