I’m Still Here

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Theodas WaveI haven’t posted in a while as I recently had both my eyes fixed.  Had the cataracts removed and still healing.  Every day my vision changes a little bit.  So far only need glasses to read.  I hope it stays that way.

Plus I never set out to be the next daily info site for Linux.  But I had hoped to share more adventures.  But it turns out the switch to Linux was so easy I haven’t really had any adventures in figuring things out.  Though if you have issues in your adventure to move to Linux, just give me a holler.  I will do my best to point you in the right direction or give you what helped me (if It isn’t already posted here).

Yeah my website is still new.  Facebook can suck a dick though.  I can’t share links to it.  Says my site has shared misinformation.  Weird. I’ve only owned it a month before I tried.  I tried to contact them about it.  No reply.  Fuck em, I don’t use them anyway as you may have noticed (see bottom of site about my views on privacy).

So…  I’ll try to keep this mostly Linux info, but it will be my personal blog too.  I have more shirts to design and redesign.  Have a 20% off sale going on till Christmas Eve.

I did rebuilt my rig to use ARGB instead of just RGB.  So much nicer 😁

There is more to come and I just posted about my Keto Diet Plan as well as shared some wisdom about God.  Yeah I didn’t mention it, but I am a pastor too 🙏

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