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Software ManagerI’m fully in love with Linux Mint.  But I’m the curious sort who insists on having the most up-to-date software.  When I used Windows.  I would check for updates mostly on a weekly basis using my software page (back when it was Windows software on it).

With Linux, the Update Manager takes care of that for me.  Well, I thought it would.  After time I noticed I wasn’t getting updates for many things that should have.  Until I realized the majority of the software included in the Software Manager is out-of-date.  With no updates for many things like Thunderbird, LibreOffice and much more.  Still getting used to how things are done in Linux-Land, I started noticing that Flatpaks are seemingly always up-to-date.

This disappointed me a little.  But more research shows that it would seem Flatpak, like it or not, is the future.  I refer to Nick for the rest 😉

Just thinking perhaps Linux Mint could start putting Flatpaks on by default and/or switch the default installed apps with the Flatpak versions.  🤔

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