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Penguin DrawingI never knew finding a digital artist or an artist in general would be such a pain.  I am using an image of a penguin I didn’t draw because I don’t have the talent to draw.  But I figured if I found someone who could draw and offer them a couple hundred dollars; that would be good.  So far the affordable artists I’ve found have yet to produce anything or even bring up the conversation we had about the art.  The one who offered to do it with any kind of enthusiasm dodged the question of cost completely until I mentioned my previous deals.  They came back with “my prices would be very much higher”.  I thanked them for their time.  I just want 3 to 5 custom images of a green penguin.  No 3D, no in-depth colors.  Just 2D pictures similar to the one I recolored green for my current use.

I want to start making t-shirts to sell as I see my sites gaining traction on search engines.  I didn’t realize it was so pricey to have something that I’ve seen others doodle in a matter of minutes.

It only takes me minutes, possibly an hour or two; and I can manipulate images all day long no problem.  My talent for drawing is horrible.  I did start making a new image on my own.  Just as I thought I might pull it off, the program crashed.  I guess I need to spend more time learning GIMP.  The tool I used has big ambitions to become like my old favorite, but clearly has fallen short with it’s inability to save layered images, have user made plugins or apparently work without crashing.  I hope they improve these items.

Still that leaves me without a site mascot.  Any digital artists out there I can afford?  Email me please.  Or hit me on one of my social links.


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