OpenRGB and GTA V

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OpenRGB & Grand Theft Auto VI didn’t go into this project with RGB at the top of my list.  At least not other than I’d like to have it.  I didn’t do a bunch of research or go all out like I should have.  I kind of cheaped out getting RGB fans instead of aRGB fans by spending a whole $30 more for the 5 pack of Antec aRGB Fans.  So, now I’ll get to spend $70 to replace the $40 pack I got.

Sadly OpenRGB must hate my gear.  It kills my Logitech G213 keyboard even though it says it’s supported fully.  So if I open the program it just makes the keyboard go dark.  I can do my Logitech G203 Mouse all day long.  The only device that doesn’t flip out.  My XPG ram however just stutters until I close the program.  My fans only respond when they feel like it.  Is there any other alternatives to OpenRGB?  Or do I just need to wait for support?  Comment below please.

As for GTA V, I stopped playing it months ago with a vow that I would never bother with Rockstar games again.  As they are greedy twats that don’t do anything to stop modders.  For the past year plus of my time playing; I would only play in a solo instance of GTA Online.

But curiosity got the best of me, plus I got the Steam bundle with GTA V and the Criminal Enterprise Pack for only $15.  So why not give it a go right?  Plays great so far.  I do get a bit of stutter when I’m in the Casino or the Penthouse.  Not sure what that’s all about.  Though not game breaking by any means.  I do need to try out a busy server.  Though I’m sure modders will just get me to bounce in minutes leaving me seeking serenity.

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