I’m the Symbolic Link Master!

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Symbolic LinkI wish.  But I have spent the last few hours using the hell out of it.  Even with my Dropbox folder having parentheses in it.  The research I found had me use the following:

ln -s -- /path/to/folder/origin /path/to/folder/link

I even figured out how to deal with my iPhone files when I’m not using Dropbox Camera Uploads.  I can simply use libimobiledevice.

Plus still playing Elder Scrolls Online just fine 😀

I’m making excellent strides to making Linux my new daily driver as it were.

It almost feels like I never left Windows.  Almost.

Finding an replacement for IrfanView turned out to be impossible.  But managed to just unzip the files, create a link using WINE and poof!!  Instant gratification!  Though would love to see a Linux Port of it.

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