The Elder Scrolls Online Linux Mint

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ESO on LinuxSo, I tried to play ESO again yesterday morning on my new Linux rig.  Wouldn’t start.  As I mentioned, I had it installed via Lutris.  I tried re-installing it, no help.  I managed to run the launcher via terminal and the wine command.  But it wouldn’t play.  Just sat there.

So I uninstalled it and tried to install it via PlayOnLinux.  I think it downloaded an outdated version of the main installer file.  Got an older looking launcher that wouldn’t update.

Despite my dislike for Steam, this is when Steam shined.  I installed it via Steam and set proton to 6.3-8 and the launch options of


Now the game ran fine, need to tweak the graphic settings.  But after a reboot and even again a few launches today the game opens and works.  This is a very positive step in my journey 😀

Can’t live life without games!

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