Twitch Streaming

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Twitch StreamingComing soon to a device near you or in your hand! Me! 😅

Yeah like I need yet another project right? I have so many I’m behind on. But… The person in my life triple-dog-dared me to do it. Right now with all the hours I’m working, I have the means to get the gear.

So, got a second monitor, a mic and a camera.  With my own ability to do some graphic work, presto!  I’m going live on Twitch in June.  Stay tuned for date!  Still working out my shtick.  Most likely I’ll just be me (maybe not so boisterous) and hope for the best.

Speaking of gear, I am buying 2 new guitars. One of which I received on Monday.  While I love my ESP and my Schecter, it’s time to say goodbye to them.  They were low cost instruments and the quality was base at best.  I could’ve invested in upgrading them and getting the flaws fixed.  Such as the horrible sharp frets and fingerboards.  Or… I could just pick a winning team and move to PRS (Paul Reed Smith) guitars 😁

This is my first (well second, but that was just an ugly guitar) and it’s gorgeous!  Sounds amazing!  I will definitely not have an issue picking it up to practice!  (one of my weak points in learning guitar)

PRS Custom 24 SE

Actual photo of my guitar, not just a factory image this time!

Now that I am not such an overweight, self-conscious person as I was a few years ago, I hope to start doing drum (and possibly guitar) covers again!

Stay tuned for updates and new shirts!  (hopefully my work schedule will slow down to a normal 40-ish hours a week again soon)

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Lack of Motivation

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Theodas WhateverI’ve been putting in some serious hours lately.  I rarely go under 55 hours, but have been working as much as 70 for the last several weeks.  We’ve either let people go who aren’t pulling their weight, or they leave because the job is too hard for them.  Which blows my mind as I’m 53 and handicapped.  I have zero issues doing the job.

Finding people to work is hard.  But I think I know why.  Seems streaming and content creators have exploded since the lock downs.  I see so many pretty faced women and men just chatting along while playing games or just sitting around the house.  So they get money to just look good or be moderately funny.  I should look into it.

But being spring time in Michigan and working so much I have zero desire to do anything else.  I have shirt designs I need to create for both and  I have musical instruments I should be practicing every day with.  I should be doing those and a bunch of other ideas I have floating around in my head.  But instead I play some Elder Scrolls Online and maybe read some posts on the social medias before passing out and starting all over.

Hence the lack of updates.  Plus, I thought I would have more to write about my switching to Linux for my computers.  But it’s been so flawless that there’s nothing new I’ve been learning.  Everything just works like it did before I left Windows.  I’m still extremely happy I made the switch!  You should too if you want to take your privacy back!

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Why Did I Switch To Linux From Windows?

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If I were to ever sit down and create a vlog about why I switched to Linux, it would be nearly identical to this.  Including timeline 😳

Not so much with video editing, but with what Microsoft Windows has become and the direction it’s going in.  The only thing that held me back was gaming.  Those days are over!

I’ve moved to Linux and I’m not looking back.  And I proudly Game on Linux!

Thanks to Dark1 who made this video!

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Failure to Inspire

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InspirationEver since my last post, I’ve been pondering this.  I don’t think I’ve ever made a profound difference on anyone’s life.  I don’t know if even I did, I would feel fulfilled in any way.

I’m proud of my own achievements.  But I’d like to at least help one person achieve their goals.

I have spent hours upon hours telling others how I managed to succeed in achieving my goals.  Only to watch people either grab their mental teddy bear in fear of upsetting their comfort zones, or try and give up almost as quickly as they started.

Even after they have pummeled me with questions to tweak or better understand the steps I used in my journey.

I have to wonder if I just don’t have what it takes to inspire others.  But I want to.  Though perhaps it’s not me.  It’s those I try to help, failing to have the willpower to follow through with their own desires.

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Reaching Your GoalsThis is the biggest reason for failure in peoples lives.  Lack of willpower.  I know I’m going to sound like a motivational speaker.  I wish I was able to motivate people to do what I have done.  Sadly I’ve been unable to help one single person yet.  Simply because these people, despite all my trying to inspire them, don’t have the willpower and they have fallen short.

Why?  They simply can not deal with any kind of inconvenience to their lives to do the things I have done.  I’ve done all my achievements due to one reason.  Willpower!  I wanted it to happen.  I made it happen!  End of story for me.

What have I done?

  • I quit smoking (no patches or medications – I just quit cold turkey)
  • I ended a horrible relationship
  • I fixed my finances
  • I fixed my credit score
  • I built up a savings
  • I found a good job that I enjoy
  • I got a better car
  • I fulfilled my dreams of having musical instruments to learn and enjoy
  • I lost a serious amount of weight
  • I found God

I’m sure everyone around me is sick of me touting my successes.  I can’t help but be proud of myself!  I’m not special by any means.

Call it:

  • Determination
  • Willpower
  • Resolve
  • Motivation

Call it whatever you like.  You have to have it in order to achieve your goals.  Plain and simple.  There is no magic.  No quick fix.  It is you who has to make it happen.  You can have help, but help doesn’t matter if you don’t get off your ass and actually do it.  Your partner, friend or family member won’t always be there to be your cheerleader.  You have to take whatever inconvenience life throws at you and work through it.

Sadly, I wish I could inspire others.  I try.  I really do, but I see them all fall short so quickly.

They want to lose weight?  But can’t give up the comfort foods that are bad for them.

They want to fix their finances?  They can’t stop giving money to others or buying things they don’t really need.  Or be bothered to make cutbacks.

They want to quit smoking?  But can’t deal with the stresses in life or give up that feeling it gives them.

The list goes on, but in short it’s because they can’t be inconvenienced.  They can’t be uncomfortable in their lifestyles to make the necessary changes.  They have NO WILLPOWER.

I get it.  It’s hard.  Life gets that way.  I pretty much lost everything in my life 3 different times.  I have been through 3 shit marriages.  I have filled bankruptcy every time for each marriage.  I had nothing for years because I let it happen.  I didn’t want to be inconvenienced.  The last straw came and I had enough.  I dug in, I got my willpower and I got things done!  You reach these kind of goals and it’s like a whole new drug.  The drug to succeed.  I’m not rich.  Never will be.  But I’m happier than ever.  I wish I could go back and fix everything years ago.  I can’t, but I won’t let anything or anyone stand in my way of having my control over my life again!  I’ll never stop trying to motivate others to do the same.  Even if it’s not through my examples.  Want to fix your finances?  Try The Ramsey Show.  While I didn’t know about him when I fixed mine, I pretty much did his process.  Want to lose weight?  Try Dr. Eric Berg.  Again, I did it on my own, but he’s teaching the same things.

You can do it!  IF… You really want it!

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