Loving Linux Mint

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Loving Linux MintAs a person who loves to tinker with new things, I often find myself learning something new.  Or when I find my attention in a game is waning, I’ll look for something different to play or perhaps revisit an old favorite.

Before making the full time switch to Linux, I used other distributions.  None of them made me feel comfortable to the point of making my whole computing world about open source software.

These have included:

  • Linspire
  • Ubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • Slax
  • Manjaro
  • and a few I’ve long since forgotten

None of the ones I recently tried felt comfortable.  I did what many users have done.  Distro-hop.  Let’s face it, I hate Gnome.  I barely tolerate Mac OS.  But I keep one around for reasons of I also hate Android phones.  So doing things for my iPhone necessitates my having that running in my home.  I digress.

Recently I found myself with spare hardware and thought I might give another distro a try.  Try as I might, I just can’t see myself using anything else.  Linux Mint has won the prize for me.  It’s quick and everything works.  It all just works.  It’s fast and now that I use the latest available Linux Kernel (6.2.0-37 as of this writing), even all my games run super smooth with over 100 frames per second.

I’m telling you.  Whether you’re a complete Linux noob or a seasoned pro, Linux Mint is a very good sweet spot!

I’ve recently given LMDE 6 (Debian based Mint, instead of Ubuntu based) a go and I would love to see that become the predominant version of Mint in the future.  Sadly, on my laptop it doesn’t give me the option to switch GPU’s like the Ubuntu based Mint does.  Other than that, it rocks even harder.  Maybe LMDE 7 will become the new gold standard.

Besides, it was like the Cinnamon Desktop was made for me!!  Time will tell.

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MGTOWI don’t ever expect to talk about relationships on here again after this.  But I want to make it clear why I am this time.  I had to go my own way.  But let me be clear.  It’s not just women I blame for it.  It’s me too.  I have a horrible habit of picking the same kind of women over and over.  Years go by, I waste more of my life.  More of my time.  More of my money.

I’ve become more broken.  I’m not capable of love anymore.  Let’s look at my numbers:

I’ve had 36 “serious” relationships.  Four of them became engagements.  Three of them became marriages.

All my marriages ended in lies, her cheating and ending up in bankruptcy.

I’m thankful that of all those failed relationships, I didn’t get divorce raped.  Still a good part of my check went to supporting kids that to this day, don’t accept me as Dad.  All the visitations, all the money, all the gifts and all the phone calls didn’t mean a thing.  I somehow they still believe I abandoned them.  I only served 4 years in the Navy.  I still called, gifted, visited and paid.  I will never say I’m sorry for serving my country.  I can’t say I’m sorry enough to the kids.  Nothing ever helps.  They were taken from me at 3 and 4 years old.  They were told lies about me.

There are people who disagree with MGTOW.  They call it a stupid way of thinking.  Or have how-to videos on relationships:

  • They haven’t been divorce raped.
  • Had their children turned against them.
  • Had to pay out alimony and child support until they are working multiple jobs and homeless because all their money is being stripped from them.
  • Never had the pleasure of finding out they are an Eskimo-brother.  (Sarcasm it’s freaking gross! 🤮)

Many outed husbands and fathers have committed suicide because of this horrible abuse from women.

As a victim of all of them above.  It’s committing to a lying, cheating, money grubbing woman that is the real stupidity.  The odds of finding a faithful loving woman is very low these days.  Thanks to modern feminism, women have been trained to expect cash and prizes once she becomes bored with you.  Some seek a relationship now with the intent to strip you of everything.

I’m no longer a SIMP.

This is my third house.  I won’t again get that fun call I got on my second house of, “You haven’t made a house payment in 8 months.”.  Because she was spending money on things we don’t need and men she bedded in hotels across town.

My credit score has never been higher.  Why?  Because I have no woman to bring it down with obsessive spending.

I won’t get that experience again of the Eskimo-bro.  That was so fucking gross.

I hope to never be homeless again because of a woman wrecking my life.

The list goes on and on of verbal abuse, lies and manipulation of me and the kids.  I’m done.

Since my life changing, near death experiences…  I’ve got more now than I ever did supporting a woman.  I made it out.  My advice, feel free to seek a long term relationship.  But don’t put a ring on it.  Saying, “I do.”, simply means “I do give you half or more of my wealth in exchange for the physical pleasures you’ve given me and to God knows who else.”.  Marriage used to mean something.  Vows used to mean something.  But as a man who has heard, “I’ll never lie or cheat on you.”, only for it to be a repeated lie in so many relationships.  I’m done trusting people.

I’m not wasting several more months or years on another woman.  Who will inevitably monkey branch to someone new or ride the cock-carousel behind my back.

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After Keto Goals

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After Keto GoalsNow that I’ve my final weight goal.  Having lost every pound I was after to lose.  Now what?  That’s a question many people have.  So many get to this part and then just quit.  Going back into old habits and before they know it…  They are overweight again.  This is why so many people call their diets a failure.

I read it time and again.  “Keto doesn’t work”.  Or insert new word for whatever diet you’ve tried.  Let’s face it, your “diet” is what you eat, drink and consume.  Doesn’t matter if you’re losing weight or not.  That’s the basic definition.

I’m still on Keto, but now I allow more carbs to keep my balance at 175.  When I work more and eat less, I go under.  When I’m lazy and eat more, I go over.  The key is to simply adjust the amount you were doing to lose weight to now make it maintain your weight.

It’s a lifestyle.  It should’ve been all along.  I eat super healthy with proteins and veggies.  I rarely get sick anymore.  I feel amazing.  When you hit the goal, don’t stop.  Just make adjustments.

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Finally Did It!!

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My HouseI’m just an average person.  I work a nominal job at below average income.  According to Forbes the average income for a person in Michigan as of 2023 is $58,000.  I don’t make that much.  But I do live a decently comfortable life.  What I do have, is determination.  I really want it.  Whatever it is.

I see something I want to achieve in life.  I make a plan.  I make it happen.  Just look at my track record.  This time it took me over six years and a couple of setbacks.  But I finally achieved the last thing on my bucket list to fix my life.

I bought a house!

That’s why I’ve been so quiet lately.  I had all my stuff packed for over a month while I worked my ass off and had to wait and wait for people to get their parts done.  Realtor.  Mortgage Company.  Appraiser.  Inspector.  Ugh… 🙄

It wasn’t easy.  Certainly was stressful.  But I finally have my own place.  Mine alone.  Not in anyone else’s name.  No one but me 😊

Finally I can make it my own.  Decorate it my own way.  Have my own toys and live my life.  I’ve never had much luck with sharing my life with another person.  It’s time I go my own way and live life how I’ve always dreamed.

I’m unbelievably happy!  Yes, I’ve got work ahead of me to refurbish this place.  Finally build my music studio.  My home, my Castle!  Thinking of dubbing it Theoden Manor.  Part Theodas, part Denny.

What do you think?

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Nextcloud Server Snafu

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My Nextcloud Server DiedI’m clearly still in the learning stages of my Linux journey.  And perhaps I jumped the gun when I put all my private files on my own Nextcloud server that I constructed with a Mini PC.  It worked so perfectly until I decided to change up my backup solution 😳

Normally I let my sync work as a sync should.  However, rather than downloading backups from my cloud, I backup the primary PC instead.  I have done this for years without issue.  If the backup fails, I have the cloud to rescue me.

This time I decided to place an automated backup on my cloud and perhaps my primary computer as well.

That didn’t go to plan…  At all 😱

The server stopped responding.  Afterward it wouldn’t even boot into the Ubuntu Server OS.  I am sure I could’ve fixed it with a ton of research and tried to restore everything.  But I looked at it as an opportunity to fix things I messed up on the first time around.  While it worked perfectly, it had things installed that didn’t need to be and perhaps could’ve opened up doors to nefarious intents of others.  So I will rebuild from fresh.

See, I started doing the backup when the backup got hung up on files being actively used.  I didn’t research anything like if Linux uses something similar to shadow copies or LVM would have been helpful.  I didn’t even think of it.  Just tried to backup a large set of files that were actively being used.  Not smart.

I am thankful I may have lost a password or two, but no files.  Nothing that can’t be recovered.  But I’m going to have to rebuild my Nextcloud server.

Though I think I will enable LVM on the next build.  I will go back to backing up the primary PC monthly like I’ve been doing for years.

I sometimes forget that, “If it ain’t broke.  Don’t fix it.”.  🤷‍♂️

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